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The Story Behind Pure Maintenance

Hello! My name is Dia and I’m glad you’re here learning about the Pure Maintenance way of treating mold and other pathogens in your home! My husband, Kevin, and I found Pure Maintenance during our personal search for mold treatment & a desperate desire to return to health. As clients, we were so blessed by the Pure Maintenance technology that we felt led to join the Pure Maintenance family and offer people in our area the same opportunity to have a whole home, HIGHLY effective treatment in hours!

Allow me to give you a glimpse in to our backstory…….. Around 2010, I got a virus, Parvo B19 – “Fifth’s disease”, and got really sick. And I mean kick your butt kind of sick. The thing is – it didn’t go away, even after the virus passed. I went from a high energy dedicated mom, wife, PE teacher and work out junkie to someone who struggled to get out of bed long enough to go to work – which now often meant sitting in a chair teaching PE. It was a banner day if I had the energy to make my family dinner. I was sick and I was depressed – not being able to care for your family will really bring you down!

Fast forward through the years of doctors and diagnosis….chronic Lyme, Systemic Lupus, Breast Cancer, and a few others until the summer of 2020 when I was also diagnosed with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and mold illness. We knew we had a small amount of visible mold in our home, but until that point hadn’t realized the impact it was having on our health. Once we learned more, it become clear that our home HAD to be remediated for me to heal. Under the traditional treatment model & recommendation to toss anything porous and have all solid surfaces and objects cleaned, we were looking at $40,000+ job and time and energy that we couldn’t really wrap our brains around. It was then that we discovered Pure Maintenance and learned they could treat our home in a single day, at a fraction of the cost, and save us an incredible amount of energy by not having to toss or clean every item and wall in our home.

After digging into the science of it – we were all in! It’s now been a few years since our home was first treated and I have enjoyed much improvement in my health. To be honest - my health is still a bit of a roller coaster since mold was not my only issue (thanks Lyme and co-infections that like me WAY TOO MUCH!). I always knew that my level of mold illness and co-illnesses would take a while to clear from my body, and I'm sure I will be in constant pursuit of better health the rest of my life– but I have healed substantially since we treated our home. Removing mold from our home removed a roadblock to my healing. It's a relief knowing that now I’m able to focus on healing my body since I'm not constantly asking my body to battle my external environment.

Our daughter also got better! She was never well living here prior to treating our home….she got light headed often, headaches, felt shaky and weak. We had her to several doctors over the years and would often find things to help, but never completely. She moved away to college before we got the house treated and after several weeks being at school said she felt good – stronger than ever. What?!?! Another clue that our home was making us sick! The few times she came home…it started again, light headed, weak, yuck. Our house was treated while she was home for Christmas break and we noticed a difference in her within just a couple of days! She can now come home and not feel lightheaded or weak, or unwell at all! After another major exposure in student housing/dorms, we sought care for her through a functional medicine practitioner who helped clear a lot of her health issues. She continues to have to be diligent with her health (she also has Lyme issues), and has been re-exposed at a few times at school, but her overall health is much improved & her resiliency is much better!

It's just SO GOOD to have confidence that our home is a safe and healthy space for our family!! This is what we hope for you too!

Our story may or may not hit close to home for you and your family. One thing we know for sure is that mold is not good for ANY BODY and we are on a mission to help as many homes, offices, etc and PEOPLE that we can….one fog at a time! We look forward to working with you and helping return your indoor environment back to a healthy environment!

Tim Miller - Field Operations Manager

Tim joined our team in October 2021 and quickly became our chief mold and moisture detective for home mold inspections and fog treatment engineer extrordinaire!

Tim brings with him a 6 year history of Marine Corp service as a combat engineer (thank you for your service Tim!), a degree in Mechanical Design Technology from BRCC, as well as construction & drafting experience. He is well versed in construction techniques and code.

Tim is a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Treatment Contractor, but more than that – he is REALLY good at what he does and customers LOVE him! Clients often go out of their way to tell me how professional, thorough, communicative, and enjoyable he is, and how his level of knowledge and guidance is 100% top notch!

If you’re concerned mold might be an issue in your home, give us a call to schedule an inspection with Tim!